Sei Budokai

By training Sei-Budokai Karate, children learn important elements and characteristics which help them in their "normal" life.


  • Coordination of movement
  • Self-control
  • Discipline
  • Respect for others

Especially today, in the modern age of Internet and computer games, it is essential that young people are, in addition to the “mental” requirements and distractions, physically active and learn to do something continuously over a long period.

No one masters anything without any hard work.

Only the one, who conducts a thing continuously and regularly, is going to become a master in his art. Aptitude alone is never sufficed to reach a higher level.

Many children, young people and even adults often start something "new", and conduct this only a short period before quitting. With that they will stay apprentices in their actions and will probably never reach a master level. This fact is the very same in school, sports or in a later profession.