Sei Budokai

Due to their versatile education, Sei-Budokai fighters are also able to compete in competitions of different styles of martial arts. For example, in Kyokushin-Karate, Ashihara-Karate, Kudo (Daido Juku-Karate), Kickboxing or in MMA (mixed martial arts).

However, the sporting competition is only a phase in the way of becoming a master of Sei-Budokai Karate. The Sport and Competition must not be the main focus; otherwise there is a limitation of the karate way (karate-do), if the active competition-career must be given up because of the age or health reasons. That is one reason, why it is essential to practice the classic aspects of karate, like self-defense and kata, aside from the appropriated (and limited) competition-techniques.

A very good example is the well-known karate-, pancrase and kickboxing-champion Sem Schilt, who still trains classic Karate besides the competition preparation.

Competition rules Sei-Budokai Karate:

Competition rules Sei-Budokai (Download)