Sei Budokai

The origins of Sei-Budokai Karate have its roots in Kyokushin Karate and in Judo.

Founder of this karate style is grandmaster (Hanshi) Leonardo Voinescu, 8th Dan in Karate but also 4th Dan in Judo. Hanshi Leonardo Voinescu has contributed more than 45 years of his experience in various martial arts to this style.

The idea of Sei-Budokai Karate is that the fight is not always fought from a standing position, but it can also end clinching and on the ground.

Sei-Budokai Karate includes therefore the following three aspects:

  • Fighting standing up with hand-/elbow techniques and kicks/knees
  • Throws and balance-breaking techniques
  • Groundwork with locking – and strangling-techniques