Sei Budokai

In Sei-Budokai Karate the katas represent energetic exercises with combat related aspects. The daily training of katas strengthens health, toughens the body and creates the ability to react faster and more conscious in need.

The katas containing breathing-exercises show similar effects to the internal energy, like Qi-Gong- and Yoga-exercises.

In the old schools of Karate in Okinawa, usually only one or two katas were trained. In modern times the number of practiced and required katas increased to more than 20. Contemporary the number of the weekly lessons has fallen.

This is a contradiction to the tenets of the old masters, who said that a kata has to be learned for at least three years until it can be correctly understood and practiced. Sei-Budokai Karate refers to the old tenets and limits itself only to few katas, to teach and practice them correctly.

Katas that are practiced in Sei-Budokai Karate

  • Kata Sanchin for kyu-grades
  • Kata Sanchin for dan-grades
  • Kata Tensho
  • Kata Yantsu