Sei Budokai

The clearly structured and methodical training is based on the old, classic and approved methods of training on one hand, but also based on the latest scientific and medical knowledge on the other hand.

Many styles of martial arts integrate techniques into their training, which are not very suitable for a 'real' application. However, Sei-Budokai Karate attaches great importance to the efficiency and the impact of the techniques.

The training affords appropriate challenges and tasks for different skills and graduations of the practitioner. There are also appropriate contents of training for the master's levels above the 3. DAN.

Makiwara- / heavy bag- and pad training

Einen hohen Stellenwert nimmt das Training am Makiwara, dem Sandsack und den Schlagpolstern bei Sei-Budokai Karate ein.

Training with the makiwara, the heavy bag and the punching-/kicking pads is an essential component in Sei-Budokai Karate. Only a technique, with enough power and precision, and which was actually trained in contact, is useful for fighting.