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2014-07-31 Sei Budokai Summercamp – Röttenbach, Germany


31th July – 3rd August 2014

The four-day seminar is under the leadership of Hanshi Leonardo Voinescu and affords an opportunity for each martialartist to improve his or her throwing-, striking-, and kicking techniques.
On the last day the examinees have to show their skills in the mandatory “Kumite”-Fights.

More Informations and the application will be uploaded soon.

Andy Voinescu
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2014-05-31 International Championship – Nuremberg, Germany

At the 31th of May and the 1st of June 2014 there is the possibility to take part on the International Championship of Sei Budokai Karate. The participants should have the opportunity to proof their skills and make experiences in fighting competitions. Not the fact about winning or losing is in the foreground. According to the ranking there are certificates, medals or a trophy.
The Rules allow punches and elbows to the head – until 14 years, only to the body – kicks and also throws and ground-fighting. This Tournament will be held by Hanshi Leonardo Voinescu, 8th DAN in Karate and the 4th DAN in Judo. After great successes during his career, he is still involved with many sport events and seminars (in Germany, Japan, Holland, Romania, Poland etc.) as an instructor, coach or referee. The championship is open to all martial art styles and organizations. It is hosted by the Sei Budokai e.V.

More informations will be uploaded soon.

Andreas Voinescu
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2014-01-25 Kumitetraining, Germany


Another Kumitetraining will be hold in the first month of the year 2014. The place will be uploaded soon.

- Karate-Gi,
- Sei Budokai safety-equipment (MMA-gloves, headprotector, shinguards)
- enough water

Andy Voinescu
+49157 855 334 08